Kauai The Garden Island

Posted by Christie Wanlass on 7/24/2016

The Hawaiian island of Kauai is a luscious green tropical island surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters.  When I fly to Kauai and can finally see this beautiful island as we descend, I am always filled with excitement.  I actually love waiting at the airport with the luggage while my husband goes off to get the rental car.  While waiting for him, I breathe in the thick perfumed air and gaze into the distance, watching the palm fronds blown about by the trade winds.  The sky is usually dark and cloudy in the distance, surrounded by beautiful blue skies.  In some ways, it is the best part of the trip because I am filled with so much excitement and anticipation.  

There are so many fantastic things to experience in Kauai.  Luaus are always fun and I enjoy going out to great restaurants like Duke's and Tidepools at the Hyatt Resort in Poipu but over time, my favorite places to eat have become small local cafes and eateries.  Puka Dog is one of those places.  The Puka Dog location in Kauai is in the Poipu Shopping Center.  You can choose a polish hot dog or a veggie dog to pair with the sweet homemade hot dog buns.  The hot dog is cooked in your choice of garlic lemon sauce with either a mild, spicy, hot or lava kick to it.  When it's done, you can choose your favorite Hawaiian fruit relish for your Puka Dog:  mango, pineapple, papaya, coconut, banana, or starfruit, wow!  The lines are always long but it is definitely worth the wait!  Kola Fish Market is definitely worth a visit.  It is very small but they make awesome plate lunches and their ahi poke is very fresh and absolutely delicious. Ishihara's Market in Waimea also has great plate lunches but my favorite food there is the potato mac salad.  Potato mac is a combination of potato and macaroni salad and is absolutely delicious! Too bad it's so fattening because I could eat it every day.   Another great stop in Waimea is at a little shack on the side of the road called the Shrimp Station where you eat your food on picnic tables outside.  They have fantastic coconut shrimp and beer battered shrimp. The Thai shrimp and garlic shrimp are also very tasty but my favorite is the coconut shrimp. Hanalima Bakery in Lihue is more than just a bakery.  They also serve breakfast, plate lunches, sandwiches and burgers.  However, my favorite item there is a roll, not just any roll, but a crab roll!!  Need I say more!!  A close second is their Portuguese Sausage Roll, and their Flying Saucer which is a sloppy joe with cheese inside a roll.  They also make a ham and cheese roll, a pizza roll and a frankie, which is a turkey dog in a roll.  Shave Ice Paradise in Hanalei is my favorite go to place for shave ice.  Shave ice is different from a snow cone.  The ice is more like snow and at Shave Ice Paradise you can opt for a delicious calorie laden shave ice on top of your favorite flavor of ice cream!  I normally choose some tropical flavors like guava, lillikoi and mango or pineapple, so good!

My next post about Kauai will be about my favorite snorkeling places, kayaking and hiking!  I would love to hear from you about your favorite things in Kauai!

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