Maui Art by Ken Loyd

Posted by Kohana on 6/29/2010 to Hawaii

It's been way too long since I have posted even if I have been busy! A few days ago, I visited a new Starbucks at the Wailea Marriott Resort in Maui. We went to visit that particular Starbucks not only to try their Coconut Mocha Latte, (which was delicious) but most importantly to see Ken Loyd's 8' by 16' mural. Ken Loyd is the talented artist who created the beautiful artwork we use on all of our packaging. He is a unique artist who paints mostly in oils. His depiction of the island winds swirling about has brought the feeling of Maui to collections around the world. If you are visiting Maui, you can find his work at the Four Seasons Resort in Wailea, in the Maui Hands Gallery in Lahaina, in many shops in Maui, in Starbucks at the Wailea Marriott Resort and be sure and visit him at the Maui "Swap Meet". It is a fun place to shop and you can meet Mr. Loyd in person there! If you don't find yourself in Maui in the near future, please visit his website at to browse and purchase his beautiful works of art.


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