Multiple Benefits of Coffee

Posted by Kohana on 12/16/2012 to Dr. Oz

I continue to be amazed by the multiple benefits the coffee bean and its fruit have to offer.  Besides  producing an awesome morning beverage, the coffee bean has been used in the skincare to improve circulation and to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is also reputed that by lathering caffeine on the skin, the caffeine in coffee could guard against skin cancers.

Coffee beans can be a cook's best friend.  Coffee grounds can be placed in the refrigerator to freshen and remove odors.   It turns out that this works on skin, too!  To get rid of stubborn smells like garlic, onions, or fish on your hands, just rub a few coffee beans into your skin. When the unwanted odor is gone, wash up with soap and water!

Recently, Dr. Oz investigated weight loss claims involving green coffee bean extract. "The most recent study on the green coffee bean was published in January 2012 in the DiabetesMetabolicSyndrome and Obesity journal. The researchers followed a group of 16 adults who supplemented with a special green coffee bean extract of chlorogenic acids at different dosages (either 700 or 1050 milligrams per day) for 12 weeks. All 16 adults were considered overweight, as demonstrated by a BMI of greater than 25 (a normal BMI is between 18.5 and 25).

The extract the researchers used contained an ingredient called GCA, which contains a standard green coffee extract of total chlorogenic acids and other hydroxycinnamic acids that have been known to have antioxidant health benefits. The subjects lost an average of almost 18 pounds this was 10% of their overall body weight and 4.4% of their overall body fat."

If you would like to see this show, this link will take you to the video on the Dr. Oz show website.  I found it really interesting.

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