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Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist

Born in Dallas, Texas Ken Loyd began painting at a very young age. Through the years, he studied at several art schools under the guidance of Modern Master Maggie Magill. He has won numerous awards, participated in many art shows and several one man shows. Over the years, Ken Loyd has done work in just about every style and medium imaginable.

He and his family moved to Hawaii in 1983. After eleven years painting on the Big Island, they moved to Maui where he has a developed a style that is, no doubt, uniquely his own.

Working mostly in oils, his canvases come alive with a vibrancy and playfulness that truly portrays the beauty of the islands in a way never seen or experienced before. His depiction of the island winds swirling about has brought the feeling of Maui to collections around the world.

We are priviledged to incorporate one of Mr. Loyd’s signature paintings as the representation of the spirit of our company.

We truly value our friendship and association with Mr. Loyd and his family and his artwork has brought us much personal happiness. We hope you will experience the Hawaiian spirit reflected in our packaging through his artwork and invite you to visit his website at http://www.artbyloyd.com to enjoy his many unique creations.

Ken Loyd’s Ekolu Hale