Designing Wahine Emporium

Posted by Kohana on 9/28/2010 to Boutique

We are thrilled to welcome a fabulous Maui boutique, Desgining Wahine Emporium to the Kohana Skin ohana!

The Multifaceted Papaya Fruit

Posted by Kohana on 9/7/2010 to Green Papaya Enzymes

I love to eat sweet, ripe, papayas. Aside from their delicious flavor, they are used in natural medicine to help calm stomach problems, heartburn and indigestion.  On it was reported that "The active ingredient papain found in papaya extract may play a role in reducing inflammation that has occurred in response to an injury or surgery, according to Sloan-Kettering concurs with this finding, adding that studies show initial benefits but that not enough data is available to claim scientific proof. The proteolytic enzymes in papaya fruit and leaves can both protect the body from inflammation as well as heal cases of swelling and burn wounds."

 Kauai The Garden Island
 Oahu The Gathering Place
 Sunrise, Sunset Hawaiian Style
 Soft Smooth Skin With Body Scrubs
 Tamanu Oil, Green Gold of the South Pacific

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